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Barbara and Phil Thibodeau built from scratch, without a pun intended, this imposing residence assembled piece by piece, serving as a Bed & Breakfast by the sea in Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick. They named it Gîte Toutes Saisons (All Seasons B&B) to express their desire to make it a welcoming place all year round.

Each of the four rooms bears an evocative name: Summer Sunset, Autumn Sunrise, Winter Refuge, Spring Serenade.

Hospitality in all seasons
Hospitality in all seasons

Located between Bathurst and Campbelton, the B&B began welcoming travelers in 2000. A few years earlier, this site was just a large two-acre lot without any development. After acquiring it in 1999, they undertook to build a large house and develop the land to reflect their values and passion, with the added bonus of immediate proximity to the sea with its tides, sunrises, and aquatic birdlife.

Phil and Barbara hired local labor to build their B&B. This local cedar wood cottage, entirely designed by the owners, is a place of serenity in the Baie des Chaleurs.

Nature lovers, the hosts have a strong ecological conscience. They practice sound waste and food resource management, sourcing locally as much as possible, and highlighting local artisans. They opted for underfloor heating, which only heats occupied spaces during the day to reduce energy consumption.

With undeniable social commitment, Phil (originally from Bathurst) and Barbara (born in Ontario) are hosts who share their culture with authenticity and generosity. They sit down at the table with travelers and share life anecdotes and diverse knowledge. Phil has long participated in the multicultural committee aimed at fostering exchange between locals and immigrants, in addition to volunteering to accompany the sick. They are passionate about promoting change in their community. Barbara retired a few years ago from a teaching career in Chatham, Ontario.

Phil and Barbara, the welcoming hosts
Phil and Barbara, the welcoming hosts

The only house rules are: arrive when you want, go to bed when you are tired, get up when you are well-rested, and eat when you are hungry! The four rooms are spacious and cozy, inviting peaceful sleep. A fine cook, Phil will surprise you with a delicious local breakfast at the large table in their beautiful rustic dining room. "Phil loves preparing meals for people," explains Barbara. He is in his element in the kitchen. "You should see him go when we have family over during the holidays or when we welcome groups to the B&B," she adds.

They have many stories to tell, which they share authentically and simply with their guests. They raised a beautiful family of four children, one of whom still resides in Acadia while three are in Ontario. One of their granddaughters, a professional cook, has already shown interest in taking over from her grandparents when they decide to pass the torch. Phil is 83 and Barbara is 78. Even though they are in relatively good health, the day will come when they will have to think about resting and living peaceful days. Owning and managing a B&B for nearly 25 years is no easy feat.

Several services are included in the accommodation rate, including breakfast, Wi-Fi, direct access to the sea and beach, gardens, parking, etc.

Courtyard of the B&B
Courtyard of the B&B

What is certain is that a stay with these open-minded and welcoming people guarantees good times and happy memories.

Gîte Toutes saisons B&B
10, rue des Oiseaux
Pointe-Verte (NB)
(506) 783-3122

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