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The Musée national des Beaux-Arts in Québec City will be presenting this fall the long-awaited retrospective of the seminal Canadian artist Evergon, born Albert Jay Lunt in 1946 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This major exhibition will span his entire career, from 1971 to the present, with a view to shedding contemporary light on the artist’s long-term output. More than 200 works will be assembled for the first time to highlight this colourful individual and his multifaceted work.

Evergon is regarded as a genuine cultural icon in Canada. He is an artistic and social pioneer who focuses on contemporary questions concerning cultural and body diversity and diversity of identity. For nearly 50 years, the artist’s career has centred on bold photographic, technological, and aesthetic research. His always moving and occasionally irreverent striking imagery is often an extension of classical painting. The simultaneously political and sensualistic nature of his work raises questions on sexual orientation. He revisits with rare vitality genres such as portraits, landscapes, or nudes. Through collages, the art of photocopy and an entire array of exploratory photographic approaches, including the Polaroid, Evergon deepens the terms of queer masculine and feminine identity, thereby shaking up fixed ideas.

Numerous striking works underpin Evergon’s career, in particular the immense colour Polaroids from the 1980s, for which he is internationally recognized. Critics and several artistic institutions in the world have also paid tribute to his award-winning work in holography. His series devoted to his mother Margaret renews the representation of the ageing body as few artists have done and has received widespread recognition. Evergon is an immense creative force: identity, body diversity, love, desire, and ageing are at the root of his work. Like death and life, it is the latter in all its facets that the artist celebrates. Evergon grafts on to life notions of autobiographical fiction and extimity, a revelation of the intimate in the public sphere that is common today but that he explored early in his career. The artist deems all his works to be love letters.

Evergon’s concerns encompass social and artistic issues that go beyond the body’s socially constructed limitations. He thus abandons clichés by representing atypical bodies and goes beyond the canons of standardized beauty while relying on the seductive powers of photography, capable of inventing fictional worlds or theatres as is true of another major series in his career, in which he imagines the life of an entire community, that of the characters the Ramboys. Evergon continues to be in perfect synchronicity with the emancipatory challenges of photography: he has forcefully called into question the notion of the author by creating various alter egos. He disrupts the foundations of the photographic image through an astonishing baroque aesthetic and brushes aside the conventional canons of beauty by representing atypical bodies that he invests with panache.

After a 2021 edition held at Place Émilie-Gamelin in a context of strict sanitary measures, the Carnaval des Couleurs of Montreal, 2022 edition, is breaking out of its usual model and is having a blast by settling for the first time in the Quartier des spectacles, from October 7 to 9, on a major outdoor stage at the new Esplanade Tranquille at the corner of Clark and Ste-Catherine streets in downtown Montreal.
"Already in its 4th annual edition, the Carnaval des Couleurs has established itself as a not-to-be-missed event on the annual Montreal festival scene, at the end of the season during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in early October, with a solid line-up featuring some well-known artists, in a context of cultural diversity and inclusion, and all for free," says Robert J. Vezina, President of the BBCM Foundation, the non-profit organization which organizes the event.
This year, the Carnaval des Couleurs, under the artistic direction of Yanick Daigle, can count on two major honorary ambassadors: author, composer, performer and musician Corneille, as well as singer and musician Elizabeth Blouin- Brathwaite. Both participated in the 2021 edition and were able to see the positive impact of this festival as a "Gathering and celebration of multicultural and LGBTQ+ communities for the fight against racism and the fight against homophobia", which constitutes the very essence of the event.
The public will be treated to performances by renowned and appreciated artists from various cultural communities. Among other things, we will see and hear:
- On Friday evening, October 7, from 6 p.m., DJ and singer Sandy Duperval will set the mood before the start of Corneille's official opening show.
- On Saturday, October 8, starting in the afternoon, the headliners will alternately be drag queen Oceane Aqua- Black (participant in the Canada's Drag Race contest), singer-songwriter and pianist Florence K, and to end the evening, the singer Jonas Tomalty and his musicians, with his new show “Undivided”.
The 2022 Carnaval des Couleurs of Montreal moves its star-studded
line-up to the famous Quartier des Spectacles for the first time

- On Sunday, October 9, starting in the afternoon, the public will be able to enjoy lively music and performances. We will be treated to an indigenous show with Samuel Ojeda, then a show of authentic Cuban music with the group Me Llamo Son. Later, a key artist of the Montreal drag scene for more than 30 years, Michel Dorion, will present his show "Le Monde en musique" with his guests. Finally, the Carnaval will close with the beautiful voice, music and percussions of the dynamic and energetic Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite, with her guest musicians Steven Levac and Ricochet.
Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m., open-air cinema is planned on the big screen with “Les Grands Explorateurs”, presenting the film “Viva Argentina!”, by its director André Maurice who will be present on site and who will comment on the screening. Made in 2016, this film takes us into the dance and stories of deep Argentina, an immense and intense country, ending with a wonderful Argentine tango danced at night in the milongas.
Other artists from various disciplines (DJs, musicians, dancers, etc.) will animate the stage and surroundings during these three days. Street entertainers, circus performers and multiple costumed characters will bring the site to life in a flurry of action on October 8 and 9.
Finally, a free interactive conference open to everyone will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. in the magnificent Pavillon de l'Esplanade Tranquille, offering four thematic workshops: the fight against homophobia, the fight against racism, the fight against hate on the Internet, and the effect of discrimination on mental health.
The entire BBCM Foundation team, which has also been organizing the Black & Blue Festival for 31 years, during the same Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, invites everyone, families, young and old to come and enjoy the last beautiful moments of the festival season at the Quartier des Spectacles, with a unique and diversified event that will please everyone (free and open to everyone!).
Consult the complete program on the website or on the Carnival Facebook page.

The 31st edition of the internationally acclaimed “BLACK & BLUE” Festival will be
held during the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving and American Columbus Day, from October 6 to 10. “After the
postponement of the 2020 and 2021 editions due to the health constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the
conditions are now in place for the return of Black & Blue this year with great enthusiasm, because we will present the
main event of the Festival in a truly unique spectacular venue for us, with a very innovative concept
”, indicated the
President of the BBCM Foundation, Robert J. Vezina.
The main event will be presented for the very first time under the theme "Black & Blue 360°" at La TOHU, Montréal's
Circus Arts City, on Sunday October 9, from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday morning. For its return after two years of absence,
the 2022 Black & Blue will offer a multidisciplinary circular concept with a central 360° stage in an immersive 360° hall
with electronic music by guest DJs and multiple performances, under the artistic direction of Louis Guillemette, an artist,
designer and teacher at the National Circus School with many achievements to his credit and well known in the LGBTQ+
community. Also in the concept and production team, Fred Gouin will be the technical manager and Daniel Brazeau will
be the lighting designer.
In its planning for the 2022 event, the organizing committee chose to strategically favor local DJs who had already been
approached and engaged for the 30th anniversary edition, in 2021, but which was postponed. “We believe that the
current context, in particular due to several challenges coming out of the pandemic, is ideal to support such a decision,
especially since all DJs, artists and cultural workers have suffered particularly since March 2020. But we will also be
adding new talents this year such as top-quality performances in dance and circus arts
”, according to committee
Montréal talent in the spotlight!
The BBCM Foundation is proud to promote and support local talent and to put forward this original event concept that
will appeal to a large clientele of regulars and new fans. Here is the list of DJs already known through Black & Blue
and/or popular on the Montreal nightlife scene, who will perform during the main event at La TOHU (in alphabetical
DJ Alain Jackinsky, DJ Ian Key, DJ Lady McCoy, DJ Luc Raymond, DJ Maus, DJs St-Denis (DJ duo Alain Vinet &
Steve Aries), DJ Stéfane Lippé, et DJ Stephan Grondin.
The other activities of the 2022 Festival
In addition to the main event of La TOHU, the Black & Blue 2022 Festival offers several other activities, including some in
special alliance with the organizers of District Events and Pitbull Events, a first of its kind. “II ",

In this post-pandemic period when life is getting back to normal, we believe it is important to work in collaboration with other major organizers of similar events in the community, in solidarity rather than in competition. This is why we are happy to underline this  strategic collaboration carried out with these two important players, Pascal Lefebvre (District) and Francis Gaudreault  (Pitbull), which will allow everyone to share promotional advantages and promote touristic attractiveness'', explains the President of the BBCM Foundation.

Here is the list of other scheduled activities as of August 16:
• TWINKLE EVENING with disco-pop karaoke theme, sponsored by Sauna G.I. Joe, at LE NORMANDIE tavern
• BLACK & BLUE LEATHER BALL at the LION D’OR, sponsored by Sauna G.I. Joe, presented by BBCM in collaboration with
Pitbull Events and District Events, DJ Ashley Gauthier and DJ Chris Mortagua
• HAPPY HOUR (5 to 10) ‘UNIFORM’ BLACK & BLUE at STUD BAR, DJ Rémi Trottier and DJ André Morin
• DISTRICT PARTY at CLUB SODA presented by District Events in collaboration with BBCM and Pitbull Events,
DJ Paskal Daze and DJ Aron

Several other affiliated activities are organized during the Festival, including visits to the McCord Museum, meals at
Restaurant Le Saloon, visits to Club La Cité (official gym). There will also be a promotional Black & Blue pre-party at Bar
La Fierté at Camping Fierté on September 24th.

Carnaval des couleurs of Montréal

It should also be noted that the BBCM Foundation is organizing during the same weekend, from October 7 to 9, a major
free and general public component called the CARNAVAL DES COULEURS, whose main outdoor stage will be at the
Quartier des Spectacles for the first time this year:

You can already get the Week-end VIP passes and the Festival VIP passes, the combo ticket for the three major evenings
(LA TOHU main event, Leather Ball at the Lion d'or and District Party at Club Soda), as well as the individual tickets for
Black & Blue 360° (regular and VIP) on the BBCM Foundation website
Please note that the VIP status at the main event gives access to a free coat check at La Tohu and access to the VIP
lounge overlooking the circular dance floor with snacks and fruit. For more information: or the page or by email: [email protected]


Old Québec is the most popular tourist destination in Québec and features many of the greatest restaurants in the city. In the tradition of Serge Bruyère, many fine chefs in Québec are found in Québec city. Let us mention Jean-Luc Boulay (Le Saint-Amour and Chez Boulay), Arnaud Marchand (Chez Boulay), Daniel Vézina (Laurie Raphaël) and Louis Pacquelin (Panache) among others. Jean-Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand from Chez Boulay offer the experience of northern French cuisine while highlighting typical local products. It is located on the ground floor of the elegant Manoir Victoria, on Saint-Jean Street. Close by, Mr. Boulay also presides over the kitchen activities at Saint-Amour, a prominent figure of Québec’s gastronomic scene. Moreover, Saint Amour appears in Trip Advisors’ top 10 fine dining restaurants and it is not unusual to spot a celebrity seated there.

Situated in an old 18th century warehouse in Vieux-Québec and part of the Auberge Saint-Antoine, the restaurant Panache offers the refined menu of chef Louis Pacquelin. While there, you can discover the artefacts showcased on the walls of the building, recalling the rich history of the French colony.

Tourists will also appreciate Les Anciens Canadiens, a restaurant established in a heritage building, where you can discover or rediscover some of the classics of traditional Québec cuisine. Near Château Frontenac, the Continental is renowned for its flambés. Close by, Le Parmesan offers delicious classics of Italian cuisine